Saturday, 19 July 2014

Akon: Senegalese and world icon of RnB!

He is known worldwide. He is considered as an American “pure blood” but Akon, of his real name Aliaune Thiam, is an American – Senegalese singer and producer of RnB. He was born on 16th April 1973 in Saint-Louis in Senegal. His father was a famous percussionist of jazz.

Akon comes from musician family. He left Senegal at the age of 7 years to settle down in the United States, in Union City in New Jersey. Even till today is still capable of speaking Wolof (a language spoken by 90 % of Senegalese)

His career path was shaken because before being successful, he made three years of imprisonment… Armed robberies and drug…

Thanks to an exceptional experience, SRC / Universal brought out his first album, Trouble in June 2004. He immediately got noticed.

Akon is of Muslim religion. “My religion made of me a better person”. His private life is agitated: he accepts the fact of having three wives and five children called Alioune, Milhouse, Jhavor, Tyler, and Alioune.

In December 2005, his manager, Robert Montanez, was murdered in New Jersey during a quarrel.

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